• Identifying Textile Types and Weaves 1750-1950
    Identifying Textile Types and Weaves 1750 1950

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    Identifying Textile Types and Weaves 1750-1950

    Language: English
    By: DATS
    Book release: 2007

    This information pack has been produced to accompany a one-day workshop of the same name taught by
    Sue Kerry and held at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Collections Centre on 29th November 2007. The
    workshop is one of three produced in collaboration between DATS and the V&A, funded by the Renaissance
    Subject Specialist Network Implementation Grant Programme, administered by the MLA.
    The purpose of the workshops is to enable participants to improve the documentation and interpretation of
    collections and make them accessible to the widest audience. Participants will have the chance to study
    objects at first hand to help increase their confidence in identifying textile materials and techniques. This
    information pack is intended as a means of sharing the knowledge communicated in the workshops with
    colleagues and the public.

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