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    Basketry of the Papago and Pima
    Basketry of the Papago and Pima 1916

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    Basketry of the Papago and Pima 1916

    Language: English
    By: Mary Lois Kissell
    Book release: 1916

    Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History. Vol. XVII, Pt. IV.

    According to the publication,” the investigation herein reported was made during the winter months of 1910-1911 in some two dozen Pima and Papago villages, as part of the Museum’s systematic study of the peoples of lower culture in southwestern United States…this paper presents material obtained during three months of research in southern Arizona among the Pima-speaking tribes-the Papago and the Pima proper-and records some of the results of an intensive study of their textile arts.”

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